Inflatable Products

What’s included in the package?

You will get the corresponded amount of bubble balls

Free repair kits
Free air pump
Free logo printing
Free shipping

What is the bubble ball made of and how thick is it?

Our bubble ball is made of 0.8mm Plato PVC & 0.8mm Polyether TPU with CE Certificated & SGS authentication.

What is TPU - Thermoplastic Urethane? Why TPU is more expensive than PVC?

TPU’s full name: (Thermoplastic Elastomer Urethane Copolymer) is a new non-toxic materials, The wide application of products, TPU will be replaced by a product of PVC.

-Resistant to solvent, oil and grease.
-Excellent strength, break strength and elongation
-Better resistance to hydrolysis
-Better resistance to low temperature
-Better mycete-proof

What are the sizes of bubble ball?

There are 3 dimension including 1.2 m (human being:120cm-165cm,30-50kg), 1.5m (human being:165cm-190cm,50-90kg), and 1.7m (human being:190cm- 220cm,90-120kg).

What's the packing size and weight of each ball?

Package Size: 55cm x 40cm x 30cm (23.62in x 15.75in x 11.81in).
Weight :13kg (33.07lb).

Is logo printing available?

Yes, we offer logo printing for free. And please send the logo PDF file to our email address and contact our staff after checking out.

What are the payment methods?

Forms of Payments:

  1. By Paypal

If you choose Paypal, we will send you a bill to your email address, you just need to check and pay through it.

  1. By bank transfer

If you prefer bank transfer, please tell us, we need to send the information of our bank account to you.

  1. Other forms of payment that you want, please feel free to tell us.

Can you offer the exact time of arrival?

We can only assure you that the package will be received within 15 working days after payment.

What is the average lifespan of a ball? After many hours of use they need to be replaced / they go broke?

Our bubble balls have one year of warranty if you use them reasonably. Before playing the bubble balls, you need to clear all the stones and take care not to wear pointy things when come into the bubbles. Also the frequency of use will affect the warranty.

For manufacturer deficiencies, we will reship new one instead if the ball is under the condition of normal use.

After the warranty expires or for non-covered damages to ball, we are able to repair ball at a fraction of the cost of new ball.

How much does it cost?

See our current prices on our website. Prices are subject to change, you’d better email us for more details, we will send you a budget.

Do I need a full-size soccer field?

Definitely not. In fact, for most groups, a much smaller field is better, to reduce the running and increase the bumping! A basketball-court size play space, either indoors or outdoors, works great for our 5-on-5 matches. For safety of players and equipment, we do not allow play on hard floors (e.g. basketball court). Indoor surfaces must be carpeted, turfed, or padded.

Archery Tag Equipments

Is archery tag equipment safe?

Our arrows have successfully been tested to be safe for operation without face masks; however, as an added precaution face masks are required.

What should I wear?

You will be working up a sweat. We recommend you wear shorts, T-shirt, and sneakers.
If it rains a light weatherproof jacket or alternatively a change of clothes and a towel.

How old do you have to be to play archery tags?

Players must be a minimum age of 10 years old to play Archery Tag Equipment.

How many people can play at once?

10 Players are allowed up to play on the fields. 5 Vs 5 will be the best combination to play on fields for any game. If you happen to have more than 10 players, we suggest you to email us for more packages of archery tags, then you will get a better quality games for your experience.