Bubble Soccer Suits

Bubble Soccer, also referred to as Bubble football, is a fun sport which is played like normal soccer is played. The players are enclosed in huge inflated balls that cover the players’ upper body and head. This sport is gaining immense popularity due to its method of playing which is quite enjoyable for the players as well as the spectators. Also, there is little chance of getting hurt while playing as the players are protected by the bubble.

The suits have to be blown up with air to make into ball-like shapes. There is a hole at the top of the bubble which helps the player breathe. However, the entire bubble is like an enclosed space. Since the suits are round, the players while playing the game get bounced and lot, flipped around, fall and even get upside down!

These soccer balls or suits are made mainly of two types of materials and are mostly 0.8 mm or 1.0 mm thick. They usually weigh around 23 pounds each on an average.

The suits are usually made from a material known as Polyvinyl Chloride or commonly referred to as PVC bubble soccer suits. These suits compared to the ones made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane or TPU, are more commonly available and are lighter on the pocket as suits made of TPU are usually 20% more expensive. The suits made of PVC are sturdy and last longer in wear and tear. The PVC suits can also be easily repaired than the other type of material that is used to make bubble soccer suits. Hence the longevity of these kinds of suits is much more than suits made of TPU.

These come in 3 different sizes, namely 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, and 1.7 meters. These are heat-sealed, guaranteed to make your game more comfortable and come in a host of attractive colors that you can choose out of like Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, or just plain Clear. The PVC bubble soccer suits come with a handy accessory and repair kit and can be express delivered on request.

bubble soccer suits

Are you into hanging out with friends for a party, or you’ve been celebrating small and big personal achievements outdoor, or just usually going out with your family to celebrate something? Why not starting a bubble soccer suits business? This game can also be in line with your interest. Not only you make others enjoy the game, you also earn from it.

But here’s the possible question you may have, “How to start business with bubble soccer suits?” Well, it’s as easy as the game. You may only have to contact a reliable supplier for the bubble soccer suits. There are several suppliers available in the US and all other countries where this game is played.

A supplier may offer a franchise for the equipment and operations of the game or they will just be selling the units then provide training and workshops for the buyer. In most cases, suppliers assist the start-up business up to its stability. They even have a record for those places that already have someone that has the business, so they would recommend the prospective buyer to have his business in another area in order to avoid competition. If you’d ask about success stories for the ones who decided to start this business, there have been a lot of individuals who turned this part-time business into full-time since its income has significantly increased and their many customers need them.

You may know of someone who usually spends his birthday outdoor, so you can just offer the bubble soccer suits for rent. Every group or individual that got so much fun and had been fully satisfied with the game and your service would share their experience with others. With this, your customers would increase and your business will surely expand. You might reach to the point of adding bubble soccer suits.

bubble soccer suits

Are you planning to organize camps for large gatherings and corporate organizations? Do you want to invest in long-term entertainment business requiring bubble soccer suits? Do you need bubble soccer suits which are sturdy and can accommodate more people? Are you looking for bubble soccer suits which are useful in hot weather?

Then TPU bubble soccer suits should be best for you. TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer and is known for its performance as compared to PVC. Both of them looks same and both of them have good quality but are meant for different uses. Here are few differences between TPU and PVC bubble soccer suits to help make right choice-

– TPU can be recognized by its yellow color whereas PVC usually have a blue color. It will take some time to form yellow color on the surface
– TPU hardness is much better than PVC so they last longer
– TPU is more resistant to chemical and bad weather as compared to PVC. TPU is more effective during hot weather
– TPU has a good environmental record and does not contain acids or plasticizers while PVC has environmental issues
– TPU products do not smell while this is a serious problem with PVC during hot weather. The bad smell can make it difficult to keep them longer
– TPU is meant for longer use and therefore more expensive than PVC.
– TPU is more durable and suited for long-term use like camps, can rentals or events
-TPU can carry more weight and suited for adults while PVC is usually meant for the use of kids

So if you an organizer who is looking for a long-term investment in bubble soccer suits, then you should go for TPU bubble soccer suits instead of PVC ones. However, if you are looking for one-time use or just want to try it, then PVC would be a better option.

bubble soccer suits

Why should you stay indoors watching TV or surfing the internet when you can be there doing something physical? Well, to hit the nail on the head you should look forward to the day you will be playing bubble soccer suits at the comfort of your own home. This intuitive game can be played either inside a hall or in an open ground especially during fun time. Now your question could be about where to buy bubble soccer that will meet your family/guest needs.

bubble soccer suits

Buying bubble soccer suit is something you can either do online or locally. Nowadays, major stores have been stock with a wide range of bubble football kit. Using the kit is very simple and a manual can be provided. The other alternative to where to buy bubble soccer suits is to rent it. Guys intending to play bubble soccer for a short period maybe for birthday party can opt to rent them at an affordable fee.

Now the choice is yours!

This game is exactly the same as football, but full contact is allowed. Purpose: Players must enter the soccer ball into the goal to score 1 point.

Have fun like a madman, smashing the enemy at full speed, forcing him to roll over and laugh at the same time. All this is safe while you are playing inside your giant bubble.

bubble soccer

If you are always looking for new thrills, want a new way to burn calories or just want to undergo a laugh therapy, the new Bubble Football Soccer sport will surely satisfy one of these needs.

bubble soccer zorb ball and archery tags provides a turnkey service, getting all the necessary equipments for you without any problems, a safe and unforgettable Bubble Football Soccer event. Whether for the next team event, corporate event, fundraiser, bachelor’s or birthday party, we promise you many problems, jumping, rolling and, most importantly, fun and laughter. We even think that you and your friends will laugh for a few days after the event 🙂