Why should you buy TPU bubble soccer suits instead of PVC?

Are you planning to organize camps for large gatherings and corporate organizations? Do you want to invest in long-term entertainment business requiring bubble soccer suits? Do you need bubble soccer suits which are sturdy and can accommodate more people? Are you looking for bubble soccer suits which are useful in hot weather?

Then TPU bubble soccer suits should be best for you. TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer and is known for its performance as compared to PVC. Both of them looks same and both of them have good quality but are meant for different uses. Here are few differences between TPU and PVC bubble soccer suits to help make right choice-

– TPU can be recognized by its yellow color whereas PVC usually have a blue color. It will take some time to form yellow color on the surface
– TPU hardness is much better than PVC so they last longer
– TPU is more resistant to chemical and bad weather as compared to PVC. TPU is more effective during hot weather
– TPU has a good environmental record and does not contain acids or plasticizers while PVC has environmental issues
– TPU products do not smell while this is a serious problem with PVC during hot weather. The bad smell can make it difficult to keep them longer
– TPU is meant for longer use and therefore more expensive than PVC.
– TPU is more durable and suited for long-term use like camps, can rentals or events
-TPU can carry more weight and suited for adults while PVC is usually meant for the use of kids

So if you an organizer who is looking for a long-term investment in bubble soccer suits, then you should go for TPU bubble soccer suits instead of PVC ones. However, if you are looking for one-time use or just want to try it, then PVC would be a better option.

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