All About Bubble Soccer Zorb Ball and Archery Tags

This game is exactly the same as football, but full contact is allowed. Purpose: Players must enter the soccer ball into the goal to score 1 point.

Have fun like a madman, smashing the enemy at full speed, forcing him to roll over and laugh at the same time. All this is safe while you are playing inside your giant bubble.

bubble soccer

If you are always looking for new thrills, want a new way to burn calories or just want to undergo a laugh therapy, the new Bubble Football Soccer sport will surely satisfy one of these needs.

bubble soccer zorb ball and archery tags provides a turnkey service, getting all the necessary equipments for you without any problems, a safe and unforgettable Bubble Football Soccer event. Whether for the next team event, corporate event, fundraiser, bachelor’s or birthday party, we promise you many problems, jumping, rolling and, most importantly, fun and laughter. We even think that you and your friends will laugh for a few days after the event 🙂

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