About Us

We are an online shop which dedicated in the produce of inflatable products for several years. Our inflatable products include: bubble soccer, zorb ball, water ball, etc.

Bubble Soccer is so far the newest trend in team building and outdoor activities. This game tests your body’s stamina and strategic skills, as in playing a real soccer match, only that your body is enclosed in a zorb like ball from head to knees. Archery tags is like playing on a battle field using archery, but with user friendly equipment fit for kids and families. As exciting as it is, here are our top products fit for these activities:

Bubble soccer

If you want a fun and safe way to play soccer, try Bubble Balls.

Water ball

Ever dreamt of walking on water? Here’ s the best deal for you.


Want to walk like a hamster on a coaster? Get inside our quality Zorbs!

Archery Tag equipment

Looking for a fun, and kid-friendly way to play archery and tag all at once? Try our bows and foam-tipped arrows.

If you need the best quality bubble balls, zorbs, archery tags and water balls, then you came to the right place. We offer high quality inflatable balls and zorbs that meet quality standards.