12pcs of Inflatable Bunkers Paintball Bunker

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People used to play paintball bunkers with archery tags, you can find the archery equipment on our website, there are also more kits of inflatable bunkers. 14pcs, 21pcs, 29pcs, for more situation.




Size: 1.2L*0.7W*1.5H / 1.5L*0.7W*1.8H / 1.5L*1.5W*2.1H etc.
Material: 0.6mm/0.9mm PVC Tarpaulin
Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Green, Black, Pink, Orange, etc.(can be customized)
Package: PVC Tarpaulin Bag + Weaving Bag. (double package)
Package size: 54x47x48cm / 54x47x24cm / 47x25x25cm , etc.
Weight: 6kg -12kg.
Delivery Way: By Express,By Air
Delivery time: According to your requirements
Useage: Grass, Beach, Snow, Park etc.
Accessories: CE/UL Inflatable Air Pump
Repair Kits: Valve , Valve tool , TPU/PVC Material.

3D Paintball Bunkers Package Site

paintball bunkers

You can customize the color you want. 

Inflatable Bunkers can also be used with archery tags or bubble balls. Here shows below the details.

inflatable bunkers

Any more questions about the packages, please feel free to let us know.



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